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check it.

hey friends, this room hasnt been getting any action latly sooo im here to post some hot pics of my new drum set and some random ones. have fun! OHH YEAH@ im in a band again FINALLY and i play drums in this one. we had one practice and the guitarist shaw and i have good timing together!

John and i
getting rady to "back it up"
me "bakin it up"
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i fuking miss you katie.
dude did you dye your hair? lol its bright like it.
<3 you and well..
see you soon.
lmao..if i ever take my freaking road test.
peaceout biotch
hey deanna, i didnt know you were in this community, well no i didnt dye my hair, but you better take that road test PRONTO. because i miss you, you have to come see me! and watch my band rock out.
lmao im not in this community.
im lowkey, with deadjournal.
but yeah pronto, nd thats a hell yea for chekin out your band.
hardcore im sure. :-)
rock it.
<3 you
its kinda a scremo,band like its all mixed up, im a metal drummer with scremo vocals and both my guitar players are like senses fail lovers so they kinda play like them. lol its a mixed genra. ill chek out your dead journal. love you too, <3 kmf
whoa i forgot about this.
hot fucking pictures.
thank you, lol i forgott too.